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My approach in the healing arts is....

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Holistic Medicine is my Jam!! I believe true healing comes from the integration of body-mind-spirit. This means that for you to achieve your highest potential and optimal health, your healing journey needs to be focused not only in your physical body, but your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well. 

I am a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Certified Ontogonic Body Mind Therapist, & a Holistic Birth Doula, but most of all, I see myself as a facilitator of healing.  My goal is to create a contained sacred space for you to dive deeply into yourself and find your inner powers of healing and transformation. I see each person as a unique individual with specific needs, this is why I use variety of therapeutic tools and techniques like Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, TuiNa, Chi Kung, Cupping, Moxibustion, Food Cures, Body-Mind Therapy, and more.  It is my biggest desire and hope that through a Holistic Medical approach you will find better ways to relate to your body-mind-spirit and find relief from physical, emotional & mental pain while feeling supported and inspired to make powerful shifts that will bring more joy, peace, pleasure, health, and love into your life! AHO! 

"The journey of one thousand miles starts with one step."

- Lao Tzu 


TUI NA = Healing Touch

"Irene is a unicorn you didn't know you needed in your life! I was referred to her for acupuncture to help with some reproductive health issues but I have spent the last three months working with her to understand my entire being - the mind body connection is powerful. Irene creates a safe space for you to heal. I never thought I'd talk to my womb to prepare to let it go, punch a pillow to work through my anger or visualize the earth filling me up with a golden light to replenish my soul. My sessions with Irene have been life changing and are now part of my regular self care routine, for my mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing." ~ NS


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"I found Irene to create a very loving and safe space for the acupuncture session. Her depth of knowledge, complimented by intuition was obvious as she worked on me. Her many years of personal practice allowed her to offer little insights to me that revealed their wisdom days after the session. I highly recommend Irene to everyone, especially those who might be a bit reluctant to try acupuncture. She is so caring you wonder why you were ever afraid."

~ Sara Kinakin, Body-Mind Therapist & Healer



Squamish Home Clinic:

Tuesday 10am-5pm

Wednesday 10 am-5pm 

Thursday 10am-5pm 

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