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Psychedelics, Micro-Dosing & Women's Health LIVE TALK REPLAY!


For those of you who where not able to make it live to this talk, here is the replay!

If you are curious to learn more about psychedelics & its role in women's health, take a peek.

I tried to answer as much as possible your questions, so it is full of golden psychedelic nuggets from:

  • what is micro dosing & how to properly micro dose.

  • how does it feel when you are micro dosing.

  • the psycho active effect in the brain of psychedelics. 

  • how can psychedelics support your holistic healing.

  • the role of psychedelics in women's health.

  • history of psychedelics, legalities & sourcing

  • and much more! 

Get started on your Micro-Dosing + Holistic Healing Journey NOW!


connection call here: 

Psychedelics, Micro-Dosing & Women's Health.png

Or join us for EXPAND!
plant medicine & holistic healing retreat with Cristina & me.

September 22-25, 2023

Paradise Valley, BC

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