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Yoni Steaming: What is this all about?


Saturday April 17 at 11:11am

Join me & The radiant Siri Bright for a juicy conversation about Yoni Steaming. 🔻🔥💦🌚✨❤️🙏

In the past years this has been a hot topic within women’s circles. There has been many myths around vaginal steaming that we wish to address.

🔻We will talk about the history of vagina steaming.

🔻The healing benefits.

🔻The does & don’ts of yoni steaming.

“Siri understands that a holistic and embodied education for a women’s journey throughout womanhood is necessary at all stages of self-discovery. In her work and studies she has explored the benefits and gifts of vaginal steaming and she hopes to see all women have this knowledge added to their tool kit so they can better know and care for themselves.” @siribright

Join us! It’s going to be a good one! 🔥

This Saturday April 17th, 11:11am


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