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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

"Irene is a unicorn you didn't know you needed in your life! I was referred to her for acupuncture to help with some reproductive health issues but I have spent the last three months working with her to understand my entire being - the mind body connection is powerful. Irene creates a safe space for you to heal. I never thought I'd talk to my womb to prepare to let it go, punch a pillow to work through my anger or visualize the earth filling me up with a golden light to replenish my soul. My sessions with Irene have been life changing and are now part of my regular self care routine, for my mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing." ~ NS

"Irene is an incredibly gifted and natural healer and an absolutely beautiful human being! Irene has helped me immensely onto the path of emotional and physical well-being. Her intuition, open-mindedness and comprehensive knowledge of the human body make her treatments incredibly healing and nourishing."~ EA

"When you have a consultation with Irene, you are lucky enough to rely both on Western Science and Eastern Wisdom. Irene is a medical doctor in Mexico, and a TCM doctor here in Canada, where she has gathered extensive knowledge in the field of acupuncture. She offers a space of deep listening, kindness and care that are rare to find. It has happened to me several times to see her in phases of my life where I was feeling extremely burnt out, exhausted and ill. After treatment with her, I always felt a deep, significant healing effect; so much so that we joked about having a pre-post video to witness the shift. She is a compassionate, knowledgeable healing practitioner and I could not recommend her enough.” ~ HD

"I found Irene through a referral from a close friend. I was going through some major shifts in my life and my friend gently suggested seeking out a holistic approach. I was hesitant at first as I’d never done acupuncture or body/mind therapy and was skeptical, but ultimately was intrigued by the glowing words from my friend. From the moment I met Irene I felt immediately calmer and at ease. She has a way of both pushing you while supporting you through your process as well as offering so much through her many skills. The mind/body connection has been everything in my path to healing. From the very first intake appointment, I felt immediately cared for and safe, like I was being heard and seen. We talked about our work being a process and the goals we wanted to achieve. She honestly blew me away with her depth of knowledge and intelligence as well as her multi faceted approach. She creates such a unique and safe space and offers something I have never been able to find before. To say that I am grateful for her and the work she does, is an understatement. Irene has changed my life; helping me dive deep into myself to find the healing that lies within each of us. I call her magic to everyone when I talk about her, because she truly is. She has done more for me and my healing journey in just a few months than years of conventional talk therapy. Irene has this beautiful way of seeing you, really seeing your core and helping you work through your issues at hand. Nothing is too big or too small. Her approach to mind- body treatment and therapy is truly special. I am a different person that I was before I started seeing her; I am a better version of myself through her care as a holistic practitioner. I will be forever grateful for the universe bringing her into my life. Thank-you, thank-you, thank you." - BS

"Irene Sanchez is an Intuitive, compassionate and insightful healer. She is honest, forthright and kind. Her innate healing touch, vast knowledge and connection clearly affirms that you are in the right hands. Working with Irene has allowed deep, transformative and safe healing. She helped me integrate all three aspects; mind, body and soul. Irene is a gift; she is a great doctor, coach, advisor, cheerleader and confidante. It takes courage to Heal and she helps you find it and stay the course. I highly recommend Irene to assist you on your quest for deep transformational healing and optimum health and wellness." ~ MK

"Irene is simply a healer. Meeting a true healer, one with the wisdom and skill and knowledge and heart, and soul, that sees you on every level, is the greatest sigh of relief. My physical ailments, such as chronic pain from injuries, to irregular menstrual cycles, to digestive issues, have all been brought into equilibrium and harmony. But healing is more than physical. The first time I knew I was in the hands of true healer was when she energetically linked my heart and my mind. I could feel the energetic charge, but I could feel, that so could she. Since then, the most transformative work has come from her sessions of witnessing, hearing, seeing, and then guiding me through the untrustworthy waters of my emotions, with her way of intuitively knowing what grounded practice to use, and then finishing with a needle session to leave me grounded, and safe within my own self. There’s massive vulnerability in reaching out for someone to be a guide or a healer, for me anyway, and it’s been a healing all on its own to be met the way that Irene works. I refer everyone, friends, family, and clients to her. For any thing." ~ RD

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