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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I feel so overwhelmed by all the love & support I have received this past couple of weeks.

I’ve had a couple of big losses in my life, one of them, losing a body part (surfing accident in Taiwan, I lost the tip of my ring finger in 2012), and now losing my little dog Muluk.

Going back to that time in Taiwan, one of the biggest gifts I received was the support and love I experienced from random people in my neighbourhood and hospital community (I was doing a TCM internship in a city called Taichung.) I remember this little old lady who moved around in a scooter with her two little dogs, she was my neighbour and when she heard about what happened to me, she would come get me, put me in her scooter and take me around the city to make me feel better. One time, she took me to this outing with a group of elderly people, from a residence she used to volunteer in. We went 2 hrs away into the hills of Taiwan, to a beautiful lake where we had an amazing lunch with the traditional 12 dishes and after eating they had a Christian mass. In that lake, there was a huge statue of Guan Yin (White Tara) the Buddhist Goddess of compassion, healing and longevity. It was such a beautiful experience to be there and receive blessings from this power spot. This made me realize that the mother was taking care of me through her manifestation in the acts of kindness from random people. I broke down and cried, feeling her unconditional love for her child, me.

And now, I am having the same experience & realization, I feel the Great Mother taking care of me, and she is acting through everyone of you, through your words and acts of kindness and love, through your nuggets of wisdom that you share, through your tears and compassionate feelings.

Some might say, that this is a figment of my imagination, that I am seeing what I want to see, that it is because of my personal filters, and maybe yes, but you know what, who cares, if this makes me feel good, loved, expanded and joy, then I choose to live through a filter of hope, faith and the belief that I am connected to the Great Mother, the Great Father, Great Spirit & The Great Mystery.

So thank you everyone for reminding me of this important message. Thank You Muluk for bringing so many gifts into my life (love, flowers & chocolate), even in your death. So fucking grateful for you my little buddy! So fucking grateful for each and everyone of you who took the time to share your thoughts, feelings and good wishes for me and the little one! I know he is in good hands crossing the pure lands of rainbow light!

I know many of you are having a very difficult time, but know that you are not alone, you are taken care by the Great Mother always if you choose to believe it, if you choose to surrender to her embrace, if you let go of your ego and reach out for support. This is the feminine way. We need one another. Connection even in the virtual spaces can bring comfort to our souls.

So let me ask you this:

  • How do you choose to live your life?

  • What filters impact your everyday experience?

  • Are you living through fear or love?

  • How does the Great Mother manifest in your life?

Sending you so much love and blessings,

May the Great Mother embrace you and walk by you always, May you open up to her love & feel her presence everyday of you life! AHO

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PS: I have a couple of events happening in the next couple of weeks! To kick it off, I programmed 3 Instagram Series with 3 magical sister friends with whom I am having very juicy conversations about:

  1. The Importance of Sacred Sisterhood. w/ Mariana Quiroga

  2. Yoni Steaming: What is this all about? w/ Siri Bright

  3. Sexual Healing Through the Power of Voice. w/ Nia Perez Herrera

To learn more please visit my personal instagram feed:

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