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Thank You Summer Bliss & Welcome Autumn Vibes!

Soaking up the last Yang energy of summer! Sunshine, warmth, heat, dust, playfulness, expansion, I take it all in with gratitude stepping into the transition of Fall. Can you feel it? The winds are changing, autumn smells are being infused into our lungs to remind us the time is coming to let go of our leaves, to shake off those layers, programs, beliefs which might be holding us back, blocking our flow. As the snake sheds its skin, we humans shed skins as well, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Fall is a great purifying time! What are you ready to let go of? Need help to clarify? As a TCM practitioner & Body/Mind therapist I can help you explore this themes. You can find me in Vancouver & Squamish. Want to learn more? I am here to answer any questions! #holisticmedicine #seasons #transitions #bodymindspirit #tcm #ontogony #holistictherapies #acupuncture #flow #cycles #nature #connectingwithyourtrueself

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