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Summer Loving Finale

End of Summer is here..... Can you feel it? The leafs in the trees are starting to become brown and fall, the mornings are starting to get cooler, the wind is picking up, our internal clock is starting to slow down.

It's that time of the year where it's important to look back to our summer, to see what we have accomplished, what was manifested or not. Some of you feel like this year needs to be a write off, that it should be erased. But I feel differently, even though it has been a super challenging year, with many changes, with many obstacles, with many losses, pain and grief; I feel it is also a gift. This Pandemic & the Social Justice Movement, like any other difficult situations we need to face during our lives, are offering us the opportunity to look into ourselves, into our lives, our communities and the planet; to realize where we need to change, what we need to sacrifice and let go in order to create a better possibility of positive transformation in this planet. What needs to die in order to be reborn!

The Earth element of Late Summer is moving into the Metal element of Fall. Late Summer is about harvesting, enjoying the fruit of our labours. Personally, this year I planted my first garden in the community plots in downtown Squamish, its been a beautiful process to see life being created from seed to a beautiful tomato, beans, lettuces, flowers & my new favourite vegetable the KOHLRABI! I am super grateful to have space and time to put my hands in the earth, to connect with the spirit of the Pachamama in this way. Now it is time to let my beautiful garden start to wilt and die, letting it go into the natural process of life & death.

There are many ways we can connect to the earth, find healing in her medicine and move with the cycles of nature. Some questions to journal about during this season:

  • What have you manifested this summer?

  • What didn't you manifest this summer that wished you had?

  • Can you let that go and create space for the quiet times that are coming?

  • What are some ways you connect to nature?

  • How does connecting with your true nature feel like?

I hope you are all staying safe & healthy! I wish you all the warmth of the sun in your hearts, may the wind cleanse your sorrows, may the rain wash away your fears & may the earth support and nourish you body-mind-soul!

Much Blessings,


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