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Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Spring Cherry Blossom

I LOVE Spring!! The earth is waking up, the seeds are sprouting, the cherry blossoms are blooming, the birds are starting to sing, and you can smell that freshness in the air! YUMMMM. Its amazing how people start coming out of their winter caves and start moving like bees (zzzzzz). Spring is a time of renewal. With Winter nights coming to an end and the light coming into our lives with sunshine, flowers & sprouts, we can feel an activation of energy surging in our body-mind-spirit. If you can tap into this resource you can use it to start moving forward with your plans, visions & heart desires. But to do this first you need to cleanse out the baggage, the dirt, the stagnant Qi that is lingering within you that will not allow you to move. Spring in Chinese Medicine is related to the WOOD element, to sprouting & growth energy, to the network system of the organs Liver & Gallbladder, to the taste sour, to the emotion of anger, to the sinews and tendons, to the wind and to the colour green. This time of growth and renewal is optimal for doing cleansing practices like a Liver Detox, cleaning out your house, open up the windows, allow the fresh air to come in, to organize your storage and your computer. In a more esoteric vision, is a good time to take stoke of what is no longer serving your highest good, this could be relationships, jobs, bad eating habits, self-sabotage behaviours, etc.. So Use this time to let go of what is no longer serving you in body-mind-spirit so you can make room to receive the new. AHO!

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