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SPARK YOUR CHI ~ 2 hr workshop


Facilitated by Irene Sanchez-Celis

Join me for an introductory evening of Chi Kung to spark up your vital energy! Chi Kung means: “the joyful practice of managing life force”. Our life force, our Chi, is our vital energy. By cultivating a practice of Chi Kung, you can uplift your Chi, as well as release stagnant energies in your body that are blocking your flow and not serving your highest Self. By learning to unblock your flow and to feel your surroundings you can untap unlimited potential of health, creativity, and joy.

Some of the benefits of having a consistent Chi Kung practice are:

- feeling centred and grounded,

- more vital energy,

- better sleeps and digestion,

- more creative and sexual energy

- feelings of harmony and peace

- feelings of gratitude, love and joy

- support for your personal and spiritual evolution.

During this evening you will receive:

- introduction to chi kung

- health and longevity chi kung practice

- Taoist chi kung visualization practice

Irene is a medicine woman. She was trained as a Western medical doctor in Mexico and as Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Canada. She has been practicing Chi Kung for over a decade and believes to be an essential practice for a complete spiritual path. Irene loves to share Chi Kung because she has experienced powerful transformations in all aspects of life as well as in others.

Date: Thursday Sept 29

Time: 7-9pm

Investment: $20+GST

Location: Unwind Integrated Health Clinic

Pre-Registration needed due to limited space (12 people max)

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