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Let me tell you a little story about myself....

Hello You!

I wanted to share a little story about myself and my journey in the healing arts. When I started my journey of holistic healing, I was studying Western Medicine in Mexico, I finished my medical training feeling exhausted, depressed, my hormones wear totally unbalanced affecting my body, my mind and my joy. My spirit felt broken by a system filled with unhealthy competition, unrealistic productivity expectations, suppression of the feminine and a lifestyle based on profit vs wellness and community.

It was then that I decided that I needed to change paths and heal myself before I could help others. I truly believe that one can only give what she/he/they have cultivated & mastered, so I felt like a hypocrite trying to heal people through a medical system that I felt in my gut was not serving my patients. Don’t get me wrong, western medicine is amazing and has great gifts, mostly for acute and emergency conditions. But for chronic issues, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, it comes very short.

So I left Mexico and came to Canada to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and embark on a path of holistic medicine. I started my own personal healing journey through practices like acupuncture, body mind therapy, holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, meditation, yoga & 5 rhythms dance. I started to heal my body, mind, heart & soul in a very profound way. I started to unpack unconscious programming of suppression, patriarchal beliefs and I started to embody my inner Warrior Feminine Self.

I learned how to stand in my truth, take up space, express my authentic voice and feel my emotions fully! By being in alignment with my soul & spirit I started to experience the flow state and in this connection I started to embody the co-creatrix archetype and started to manifest a more beautiful life connected to great spirit, nature, community & my true self.

I feel blessed and honoured to be able to support other women through my in person 1:1 holistic medicine practice to reconnect with their innate powers of healing and transformation, to embody their authentic self and to reconnect with their feminine powers. I truly believe now is the time for women to step into wholehearted leadership for the benefit of humanity.

Now, I am very excited to be sharing more about this with you in a whole new way!

I have created a FREE Lunar Calendar + Holistic Womb Health Workbook to help you ignite your inner powers of healing and transformation as well to help you connect with your inner Feminine Warrior Self.

You can download HERE.

And I am thrilled to let you know that I am working on a very exciting project that brings together all my experiences, training and knowledge I have acquired in the past two decades. I am going to share my best and tested holistic practices in a way that is easy for you to receive, to get inspired and to feel supported & guided for going into your depths and recuperate your feminine power. I am doing this so that you can receive practices for your body, mind, heart & soul and don’t have to go find them separately through different teachers and courses. Also, I am designing this in a way that you can do it at your own pace, from wherever you are, anywhere in the world. In a way that will get your the best info and step by step help without travelling to any in person workshop and spending money on flights, without hiring me 1:1 which cost much more, so you can achieve your goals without spending $$$.

I am hard at work on this brand new resource for you…

In the meantime, download the FREE Lunar Calendar + Holistic Womb Health Workbook that I made for you HERE.

It’s the perfect way to get started taking action NOW.

I’ll be telling you more in the coming weeks so stay tuned!!!

Thank you so much for supporting me and following my journey,

Much Blessings


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