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Its a New Year, Its a New Decade

How do you want to feel 2020 and beyond?

2020 is a big year for me! I turned 40 yrs old, and its the beginning of a whole new decade! Looking back the past 10 yrs I have so much to be grateful for. There is so much abundance in my life! But even though I have a privileged life, there is a part of me, the small self of me, that wants to feel like a victim, this is my inner dialogue: "I am 40, I am single, I have no partner, I have no kids, I am financially ok, but could do better, my body is ok, but could do better. My body is starting to deteriorate, I am getting wrinkles and grey hair and I am going to be alone forever." But then, there is another part of me, my highest self, my most wisest, compassionate, brilliant self that sees and hears this, doesn't reject this program, but instead embraces this small Irene, hugs her and through her heart, through her love she wispers a different narrative: "Hey girl, look at this amazing body that has allowed you to have all the beautiful experiences in your life, this body that is sensual and strong and resillient. Look at all the amazing people in your life, people that cherish you and love you and uplift you, you will never be alone. Hey girl look at this two beautiful homes you own, one in the mountains and another in the ocean, you manifested these homes that you share with people, sanctuaries of wellness and beauty. Hey girl look at all the people you nurture, even though you are not a physical mother, you are motherly in so many different ways. You are beautiful, rooted, divine and radiant! I see you!!" AWWWWW the light and the shadow! I believe true healing comes from the integration of body-mind-spirit. And i am so grateful for my spiritual path that has given me the tools and guidance to be able to integrate the different parts of myself. This is what I am passionate about, finding truth within and being able to act on that truth.

So this year I choose to call in my highest self to nurture my self, so that I can be filled up with spirit and in this wholeness be able to guide for others in the realization of their true nature. I call in my spirit guides, light teachers, liberated buddhas to help me in this journey of radical service of truth, love and light. I hope that my presence can bring inspiration to people in ways that they can feel joy within themselves and share that joy within their community. Namaste, AHO, All My Relations!

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