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Introducing TELEHEALTH Online Services

Hello Beautifuls, Because of our current world situation with COVID19, my two clinics in Vancouver and Squamish closed and so at the moment I am not able to treat in person. But during this downtime, I made the decision to transition into Janeapp and be available for TELEHEALTH online services. At the moment these are my online offerings: TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE & HERBS THERAPEUTIC COUNSELLING & BODY MIND THERAPY PRENATAL / POSTNATAL SUPPORT & BIRTH DOULA SERVICES Did you know that acupuncture is just one of the healing tools Chinese medicine utilizes to help people reach their optimal health. In Chinese medicine we don't believe in disease, we believe in DISHARMONY. With all the stress we are living through as a collective, it is easy to get disconnected and feel out of balance. But I believe that we can still live from a place of joy, unconditional compassion, wisdom and connection, even in the middle of a crisis. Some of the tools that I can offer you to reconnect to your holistic harmonious flow are: CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE / CHI KUNG HEALING / FOOD ENERGETICS / LIFESTYLE COUCHING / ACUPRESSURE / SELF MASSAGE I am also excited to let you know that I am officially a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor through the ACCT in British Columbia. I feel that during this intense times it is very important to get physical, emotional, mental and spiritual support. I would love to teach you tools & techniques that you can help you manage the many challenges that are arising. I believe this is a great opportunity for everyone to do their inner work. So take advantage and use this YIN time to tap into your emotions and do some spring spiritual cleaning. I am here to support you.

Some of the techniques that I use for my Therapeutic Counselling sessions are: BODY MIND RECONNECTION / BREATH WORK / GESTALT / SHADOW WORK / ARCHETYPES & SYMBOLS / PSYCHO-DRAMA / CHI KUNG HEALING / MEDITATIONS / VISUALIZATIONS Lastly I am available for Birth Doula Services. I am a member in good standing of the Doula Services Association. At the moment I am able to support couples in their birthing time at home and in the hospital. YAY! I can also meet couples through my TELEHEALTH online platform for prenatal and postnatal support. If you know of any mamas to be that you feel might benefit from my knowledge, please send them my way! I have many tools that I can share to help pregnant womxn stay positive, relaxed and connected to their body-mind-spirit during this times and beyond.

My online Birth Doula offerings are: FREE BIRTH DOULA MEET & GREET / PRENATAL & POSTNATAL VIRTUAL HOME VISITS / PRENATAL & POSTNATAL HERBAL CONSULTATIONS Having an online platform like TELEHEALTH is very exciting because this means I can help people beyond my physical location. Please help me get the word out, I am here, I am full of knowledge, tricks and tools to help you and others stay healthy, grounded, connected and vital. I am also offering sliding scale payment to anyone that has tight resources at the moment. I hope you are staying healthy, safe and hopeful. This are strange crazy times, but one thing is for sure, we are in it together, and, also, let's not forget that it is impermanent. Like everything in life: THIS TOO SHALL PASS! Sending you lots of healing & positive vibes! Yours In Health, Irene

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