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Holistic Healing Through Body-Mind-Spirit Wisdom

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Through my years of practice in holistic healing I've come to realize that all symptoms of pain, discomfort & suffering are messages from our body-mind-spirit wisdom communicating with us where there is an unbalance so that we can shift our attention and start bringing awareness to the things that need change in our lives, via our food, activities & relationships, so that we can create a better possibility not only of being symptom free but of optimizing & thriving in all dimensions of life!

We are still in challenging times, and up here in the North, Winter is coming. We can feel the shift of weather, the days growing shorter, the nights growing longer, it is getting colder & darker. In Taoism, Fall is considered the transition of Yang energy to Yin energy. There is less light, so we humans, need to find ways to ignite our inner fire via again food, activities & relationships. We need to flow with the transitions of the seasons in order to stay healthy, happy & grounded. When we are in the flow we calle this being in the TAO.

There is so much that we can do, even indoors to create a healthy, happy & grounded life. For example, now is a good time to stop eating raw cold foods and transition into warm & hearty meals like roasted root veggies and lentil soups. It is also good to start slowing our pace down from outdoor to indoor activities like yoga, stretching and meditation. And its great to get together with your bubble peeps to warm each other's hearts with storytelling, fire and boardgames! (Just ideas here folks! BE creative, the idea is to give yourself space for PLAY! Bring lightness into your heart, into your house, into your life, give yourself time of no purpose, of no planning, of no schedule, simply to be in the moment to create an opportunity of tapping into your creative inner child self.)

Our body-mind-spirit wisdom is always talking to us. The messages are always available for us. And if we allow ourselves to stop, slow down and listen, we can receive this messages. If it's hard for you to tap into this innate wisdom, I encourage you to find moments of stillness during the day, moments of being in the quiet, where you can hear your body-mind-spirit wisdom speaking. This can look like a meditation practice or by making the intention of listening in when you shower. If you have families, I encourage you to wake up 15 min before everyone else, to give yourself that time, that gift of personal space to be with yourself and receive the messages of your inner wisdom of what you need in the here and now to take care of yourself, and by taking care of yourself, you are taking care of others.

I wish you all a smooth transition into Winter, may your bodies be filled with nourishing & grounding meals, may your minds be filled with inspiration & clarity, may your hearts be filled with love & bliss!

Aho, Namaste, All My Relations

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