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High Summer Vibes

Summer is in full swing! I hope everyone has taken advantage of the expansiveness of summer to be more proactive in their creative projects. I know for many summer can be a time to go into the outdoors, to have social gatherings, and to be more active. And I know that for many in the world, because of COVID you have had to stay indoors. But even if we are indoors, this expansive Yang energy is available to everyone to create, recreate, expand, share and be creative in the ways we are moving in the world.

Personally I am very blessed to live in a place that allows me to go outside, to gather in a safe way and to be of service. I am grateful I can practice my medicine and see in person patients in my home clinic. I am in full swing seeing people Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays. I am so grateful for my little healing sanctuary that I have created in my home and if you are in need of some TLC I would love to have you here, with masks on of course! :)

I am also still available for Telehealth online consultations. One thing that Covid has taught us is that there is always a way to stay connect and that we can still keep supporting each other through the virtual space. So if you are not in Squamish and need some guidance, consults, TLC, I am here for ya!

I am loving my online booking system through janeapp! If you haven't had the time to go in and create your account please do so at your own convenience, would love to see you lovely face in person or through the virtual space! You can book here:

Summer is going to pass soon and with it the beginning of Fall and Winter. Please remember to take care of yourselves, rest, eat good food, drink lots of water, if you are able, go out and connect to plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, etc... they have so much healing powers, even if you are in the city, remember that nature is all around you, and you can reconnect, reground, realign even with an indoor plant!

Wishing everyone a great rest of Summer!

Sending everyone lots of summer love & positive vibes!


May all beings be happy, may all beings be free, may my thoughts, words and actions in some way benefit the happiness & freedom of all sentient beings.

Namaste, Aho, All My Relations!


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