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Hello Winter!

There is a recurring theme coming up in my practice during this start of Winter, and its this idea of being lazy, people bitting themselves up because they are naturally slowing down, and they don't feel as productive or active as in other months. Well, in Daoist cosmology, this is not considered being lazy, this is just the normal energetic flow of going into the season of Winter, the upmost Yin of Yin of the annual cycles of nature.

This is the time to go inwards, to become more still, to have more introspection, to tap into our inner reflection, and its a great time for inner inquiry.... WHO AM I? who are you if you allow yourself to be still, to not do all the things in your list, but instead to just enjoy just your breath, to be mindful of every movement, of every breath, to slow the fuck down!! WHO ARE YOU? if you are not rushing for the next thing to buy, for the next thing to do, for the next big experience. WHO ARE YOU?

Let the Yin energy of winter help you to tap into your inner WISE ELDER, to show you the way, to teach you your true value. I hope that you are reminded by your breath, by your presence, by your heart, that you are LOVE & AWARENESS! May this time of cold energy help you spark your inner yang, your inner fire inside your heart, to warm you, nourish you, fill you up for you to share it with your loved ones! Merry Xmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad!

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