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Hello 2021!!

Hello 2021! 🌟🎉❤️🌈🙏

A friend shared this beautiful message and loved it, and so I wanted to share it with you:

“I don’t wish you a wonderful year where everything is good. This is a naive thought. I wish you that you gain the courage to look at yourself and love yourself just as you are. That you have so much self love to fight many battles and the humility to know the battles that are impossible to win and let them go.

I wish you that you can accept that some realities are unchangeable and others you can change if you shift from the place of complaining. That you don’t permit the “I can’t” and recognize the “I don’t want to”.

I wish that you listen to your own truth and speak it with full consciousness that it is your only and not anybody else’s. That you expose yourself to your fears because facing them is the only way to transform fear. That you learn to tolerate other people’s “black spots” because you have your own, and this erases the possibility of claim. That you don’t punish yourself for making mistakes; you are not the all powerful. That you grow to the limits of your desires.

I don’t wish for 2021 to bring you happiness. I wish for you to realize happiness & joy no matter what reality you are experiencing in life. I wish that happiness becomes the journey not the destination.”

Lots of Love & Positive Vibes for this New Year & Always!


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