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Green Tara Practice ~ MONTHLY

Green Tara is considered a compassionate buddha from the Vajrayana Buddhist Tantric School. She is the mother of all buddhas and embodies compassion, beauty and equanimity.

During this evening you will receive the teaching and Practice of Green Tara. By having a consistent practice of Green Tara we can cultivate her qualities into our lives, community and planet. Please bring comfortable clothes, a meditation cushion, pen & paper.

Irene Sanchez-Celis is a Holistic Medicine Practitioner & Birth Doula. She has been a student of a wide variety of spiritual technologies & traditions for over a decade. Irene loves to share Green Tara practice because she believes to be a beautiful practice for people to integrate their highest Self.


Wednesday Oct 16 @7-8pm

Saturday Nov 9 @6-7pm

Saturday Dec 14 @6-7pm


Unwind Health Clinic

38142- 205 Cleveland Ave,

Squamish, BC


All funds go to Howe Sound Women’s Centre Society

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