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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Join me Saturday April 18 for a guided meditation of this beautiful vajrayana buddhist tantric practice. I was offering this practice once a month at my Squamish clinic, Unwind Health Clinic. But since the recent situation of the world and physical isolation being necessary to protect each other, in person offerings are no longer viable. But I am so grateful that we can still connect through virtual spaces! So so grateful for our technology that allows us to stay connected and nurture each other.

This practice calls in the great mother Tara, the mother of all creation, full of unconditional love, wisdom and power of healing, transformation and regeneration. I feel this qualities are exactly what we need to cultivate personally and as a collective.

I invite you to experience the powerful healing loving presence of Green Tara. No previous meditation experience required. Just an open mind and heart. This practice will be guided and it is completely free.

Saturday April 18 @5:30pm via ZOOM

To join me please use this zoom link:

Hope you are staying safe & healthy!

Much Blessings,


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