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FREE Lunar Calendar & Holistic Womb Workbook

Hey You!

I am excited to give you this FREE resource for you to ignite your inner powers of healing & transformation, to connect with your inner rhythms and to spark your inner feminine powers!

You can get it HERE!

Ok, so I just want to clarify why it is so important, for us women, to be taking care of our wombs. Our wombs, is our power centre, it has the capacity to create life! I mean talk about magic! We as women have the capacity to create a human being inside our bodies, now this doesn’t mean that we are all meant to create an actual human, but it’s important to know that this power lives within us, and we can utilize this energy not only for procreation, but for any creative project that we put our hearts into. This could look like your career, your relationships, a hobby, an artistic project, anything that involves creative energy, the more connected we are with our wombs, the more powerful our creative projects will be.

Also, let’s remember we live in society that has shunned women for centuries. We have been taught to believe that our body is unclean when we bleed. That we are weak and sick when we bleed. How many of you felt that the worst thing that could happen to you when you wear a teenage girl was to spot your pants with blood in school. We have been programmed that we need to hide our menses, hide our power, hide our wild selves. This is why I feel it is super important to reconnect with our inner rhythms, reconnect with our wombs, reclaim our wild feminine energy so that we can rise up as the amazing magical powerful women that we are and shine our light into the world.

Our physical womb is our vessel to our feminine power, and if our physical womb is unhealthy, unbalanced, not functioning in its optimal health and vibrancy, this affects our energy, our heart and our soul. And we need to address this asap.

Download my Free 2021 Lunar Calendar & Holistic Womb Worksheet HERE!

I hope this Self Care practice make it to your everyday holistic care routine. May your wombs be healthy, vibrant & free. May you realize your true value, your true essence, your true nature everyday of your life. May you know that you are loved, supported and embraced by the great mother always no matter what!



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