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I don't know about you, but I grew up using tampax and kotex and all those nasty, toxic material feminine products that we where brainwashed to use, products that are harmful not only to our sacred yonis (vaginas) but to our mother earth.

A decade ago, I discovered the DIVA CUP! and OMG, I fell in love. The diva cup for those of you that are not familiar with, is a silicone made cup that you insert in your vagina and receives your menstrual blood, you can have it inserted for up to 12 hrs, and then you take it out and discard the blood. I love the diva cup because when I use it, it feels like I am not using anything, its so comfortable and it is so good for our mother earth. I haven't bought any tampax or kotex type products in a decade. I feel as women this is one thing that we can implement in our holistic lifestyles to help with the environmental crisis at hand. Other products that are amazing are cotton made pads, I use Luna Pads. And free flowing underwear like Thinx.

With time, I have created a ritual of not using anything for the first and last days of my period, and just FREE FLOW baby! I love allowing my body to be free of any constraints and to feel my flow. It's such a beautiful, transformative & liberating experience to relate with my blood in a sacred way. I also use my menstrual blood as a fertilizer for my plants and I take some to the forest as an offering to Mother Earth, Pachamama, Gaia.

Our blood is powerful. Our wombs are powerful. We hold a very potent energy of transmutation & transformation, and if we allow ourselves to go into our death process of shedding the old every month, we can be rebirth every month and rise up to our divine feminine!

Many Blessings & Love Always,


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