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Closing the Year with Gratitude!

Closing the Year w/ Gratitude!


2020.... the year of change, the unknown, collective sadness, loss & grief. The year that we realized that we are all connected, the year many of us started unpacking white privilege & systemic racism (late to the game!). The year of realigning with our inner truth, of going within to connect with our love to self and others.

The year of stillness, of stopping, of YIN cultivation, of being home, of returning home, to our hearts, to our bodies, to our minds, to our spirit, to nature. The year of psychedelic renaissance, of reconnecting with nature through breathwork, spirit plant medicine, shamanic journeying, microdosing, macrodosing, ceremonies, golden teachers.

This year has been such a rocking experience, I believe this collective chaos to be the divine lightning that is illuminating the obscurations in our personal life and in the collective so that we can make radical changes for the co-creation & manifestation of a world with more beauty, peace, harmony, compassion, wisdom & equanimity.

I hope that in all this darkness you have found some light, inspiration & gratitude. We are all in this together and the royal road of wisdom is long, and now more than ever, we need each other. I hope we can all find ways to continue rising our vibration with love & compassion.

I am so grateful for my family, friends, sangha & community, thank you for your support & presence in my life. To everyone that allows me to support them with my different offerings, thank you for trusting my hands, my mind, my heart, my medicine. To the mothers & fathers I was able to support as your birth doula this year, thank you for inviting me to your sacred space, I feel very blessed and honoured to have been able to support & witness you in such an important event in your life.

May our lives be filled with so many blessings from Great Spirit always! May the path of illumination & liberation keep opening up & may we realize our true nature in every breath, thought, word & action!

Aho, Namaste, All My Relations!

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