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Autumn Equinox Blessings!

The word “equinox” comes from Latin and means “equal night,” this refers to the equal 12 hr day & 12 hr night that happens on equinox, which this year falls on Tuesday Sept 22 @6:30am PT.

Autumn equinox marks another transition in the cycles of nature through the year. It is the time of "harvest". This harvest can be literally from the garden you have planted or on a more esoteric / spiritual sense, from what you have manifested this year in your creative projects, business, adventures, relationships, etc.. It is an important time to do reflection on your harvest and give thanks for everything that you have, and everything that you have experienced.

It is also a great time to start clearing your space in order to make room for your new visions & dreams that you want to manifest next cycle. I love honouring this times of the year, honouring the cycles of nature, tapping into my own natural rhythms that are reflected in nature. Ancient traditions have always had the wisdom to honour this times and flow with them, creating a more harmonious and beautiful path of connectivity, reverence & awe.

I pray that we can all find ways to flow with the cycles of nature, in order to live a life full of harmony, beauty & joy to share with everyone that we encounter, human, animal, plants & spirit! AHO, Namaste, All My Relations!

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