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Ok.... So here we are again, closing another cycle, it seems like the past couple of months has been about closing and opening new cycles, starting with the transition into the AGE of AQUARIUS with the big conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius that happened in December 21st, the day of Winter Solstice, talk about a powerful day! Then closing the year of 2020, leaving behind a big year of change & of unprecedented global events. To start 2021 with glimpses of hope only then being shattered by the ongoing social unrest in the US and the world. But with all the darkness in the world, I can still see the light, if you open your eyes, you can see that "actually love is all around" (quote from one of my favourite movies: Love Actually!).

In Chinese Astrology, the 2020 ends the first new moon in February, which will be Friday February 12th. I love that the Chinese base their calendar on the moon vs on the sun. So let us recap 2020: The Year of the White Metal Rat. I know many of you don't want to look back to 2020, but I find it fascinating specially looking back at what I wrote about the year before COVID19 transformed the world.

- The rat is the first animal of the Chinese calendar and it marks the beginning of a new 12 year cycle. This means there is a lot of excitement and new energy available in the cosmos to dream big.

- Rat Qualities: adaptability, resourcefulness, thrifty, familial, social, resilient, creative & intelligent. The rats survive in any environment. They are able to adapt and take advantage of the resources around them for their highest benefit. They can be very creative in how they use those resources, they are very sharp and are always assessing how to create a better lifestyle. They are great team workers and are very loyal to their tribe. The rats are the entrepreneurs, the networkers, and the partiers.

- Metal Element is a Yin element. Related to the colour white, the season of Fall, the organs Lungs & Large Intestine, and the emotions of grief and courage. Metal brings clarity, inspiration and higher vision. It also helps with letting go. Metal helps to shed the parts that are not serving your highest good in order to make space to redefine intentions. It takes a lot of courage to let go! It is a good practice to allow yourself to feel sadness for the things you are letting go, for the parts of yourself that you are shedding. The key is to trust, surrender & be flexible.

- The white metal rat year will bring many changes, surprises, movement and fast manifestations. Be ready to move with the flow, to surrender to what is and adapt to the circumstances at hand. Be the rat, find creative ways to enhance your experience. See all the resources you have around you and find ways to use them for your highest benefit and the highest benefit of all. Surround yourself with like minded people, you never know what you can create together! Know that you have so much strength and resiliency in you, so stay on point. Be clear with your intentions and what you want to call in to your life. But be flexible in how this intentions come to manifest. They can come to life in so many different ways. Be open to new ways of living!

Does any of this resonate with you and 2020! Well it sure does to me! 2020 was a hard challenging year, but it also brought the planetary community together, finding new and creative ways of doing things, for many it meant going back to the drawing board and starting from scratch testing our resilience.

Now moving forward to the year of the White Metal Ox.

So this 2021 is still a Yin Metal Year. Metal is an amazing element that helps nourish our sacred waters, helps us ground, it also helps to cut through the veils of illusions to penetrate our true nature, to realize & honour our true self. One of its main teachings is to LET GO! so this theme of shedding, letting go & cleansing what no longer serves our highest good is still prevalent. Metal can give us clarity, right action and honour. In the shadow aspect, it can become rigid and cold, so be careful not to get fixed on your ideas and values, the best medicine to heal this is to cultivate compassion, trust & flexibility. Take good care of your lungs this year.

The Ox is a Yin animal. Yin Qi is related to the feminine energy, to coolness, the earth, receptivity, stillness, intuition, emotions, water, the moon. The Ox is a slow moving animal but very powerful and very valued in society. They are honest, low key, confident and hardworking. They are reliable and don't like to be the centre of attention. This year is going to be a year of getting our hands back to work. Back to working the fields to start creating abundance in our gardens, in our home and in our communities. The Ox energy will bring a sense of stability but also it will bring a sense of weight on our shoulders due to our responsibilities and all the things we need to get done. A great medicine to heal this is to focus on one thing at a time, multi tasking is not going to be our greatest tool, doing many things at the same time can drain our minds, bodies and joy. The best is to take it one step at a time, be methodical in whatever you are planning to take on this year, don't rush and be patient. Mindfulness practices are going to be our best tools this year.

I pray that we can all co-create a better possibility of reality for all of us. May we continue to work for loving conditions for all humanity. May we be able to harness Ox medicine of stability in ourselves so that no matter what we can feel grounded and connected with the divine. May we be able to cultivate a clear mind, an open heart and joyful human experience always.

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