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Happy Chinese New Year! 2019 is the year of the EARTH PIG! The Earth element is related to nourishment, fertility, abundance, structure, safety & boundaries. The Pig is related to good health, good luck & prosperity. It is also the last sign of the Chinese zodiac calendar. This year is a good year to review your foundations, to see what is supporting you and what is not. It is also a good year to celebrate your accomplishments, everything you have created, as well as your growth & evolution! Because it’s the last sign it’s a good year to close any unfinished business, to let go of what is not serving in order to make space for a new beginning! I wish for you much health, love & prosperity for this 2019 Earth Pig Year! AHO 🌟 #chinesenewyear#earthpig #newcyclebegins #tuningin #universalflow #iloveastrology#magic #science #yinyang

earth pig running
Earth Pig

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