This practice has been used for thousands of years in China. Ingesting the placenta benefits both mother and child by gently returning the nutrients lost during childbirth and allowing time and space for the sacred separation of the child’s lifeline.  It is also used as a preventative medicine for postpartum depression.  The placenta has powerful substances that strengthen Qi, Blood & Jing (essence) in the women’s body, by restoring this three jewels of health, placenta capsules can help women to raise their spirit, energy and strength.  Because the placenta is made by the mother, it is the perfect medicine for her. Some of the nutrients that placenta has are: oxytocin, prolactin, prostaglandins, hemoglobin, urokinase inhibiting factor, factor XIII, gonadotropin, cortisone, thyroid stimulant hormone. 


  • capsules are clean & safe.

  • easy to swallow.

  • easy to digest. 

  • rich in vitamins & minerals.

  • rich in iron & protein. 

  • increases energy.

  • boosts inmune system.

  • provides pain relief. ​

  • fights fatigue. 

  • prevents postpartum depression. 

  • promotes lactation. 

  • prevents iron deficiency.

  • prevents sleep disorders.

  • reduces postpartum bleeding.

  • helps womb return to original state.

  • enhances wound healing. 

  • quicker return to health.

  • helps mother & baby bonding. 

Placenta Encapsulation

COST: $250 + GST

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