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Ontogonic Body-Mind Therapy is a process of deep self discovery, acceptance, and transformation. It is a comprehensive & compassionate therapeutic approach that integrates Western and Eastern psychology and multi-faith spiritual traditions like Shaivism Tantra, Dzogchen, Shamanism, Vajrayana Buddhism & Taoism. Part of what distinguishes Ontogonic Body-Mind Therapy is its recognition that liberation is impossible as long as we are caught in the solid reality patterns of our karma. Our body type or “characterology” represents that karma; and one of the most difficult aspects of breaking the physical and energetic characterology is that we have learned to accept and identify so completely with it. There comes a time when it must be transcended. Carlos Castaneda called this characterological breakthrough “breaking human form” … a term suggesting that we are cosmic beings.  Deep healing is required for most of us to reclaim and integrate a vision that allows us to create a new reality: a reality no longer governed by neurosis and karma, but by Love, Freedom, Grace and Enjoyment. 

What is neurosis?  In the Ontogonic model, neurosis is understood as defence mechanisms that one acquires, primarily, during the early stages of life and childhood, to protect ourselves and be able to function in the here and now.  These defence mechanisms are stored as frozen energy in our physical/energy/mental/emotional bodies and they create a particular form or charecterology in each person.  With time these neurotic patterns become unconscious.  Through the process of reconnection, we shine light with our awareness to this parts of ourselves that we are no longer seeing.   By bringing into awareness our unconscious we can change our limitations, transform our pain and suffering into personal power gaining more clarity, love and wisdom.  

Ontogonic Body-Mind Therapy can help with:

  • resolving trauma.

  • relieving stress.

  • finding the root of your addictive behaviour.

  • finding the root of your depression. 

  • tapping into the messages of the body. 

  • finding resolution & peace with past decisions.  

  • releasing sexual potential & creative force.

  • gaining more clarity in your life. 

  • ​tapping into your inner wisdom & intuition. 

  • finding the root & transforming chronic illness.

  • finding the root & transforming anxiety.

  • supporting big transitions in life.

  • tapping into the messages of dreams.

  • finding your life purpose. 

  • connecting & trusting the flow of your body. 

  • recuperating your personal power. 

“We must give time to listen and enter into a dialogue between the mind and the wisdom of the body, so we can reconnect and recover what we have lost…”   


I am a certified Ontogonic Body-Mind therapist and I am in the process of getting my  registration as a therapeutic counsellor through the ACCT.  I believe true healing comes from the integration of body-mind-spirit.  Some the the therapeutic approaches I use during my sessions are: 

  • gestalt

  • dream work

  • symbol & archetype work

  • psycho-drama

  • chi kung

  • visualizations

  • meditations

  • ceremony & rituals

"Irene is an intuitive, compassionate and insightful doctor who uses various modalities that compliment each other so beautifully. Whether its physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual Healing. I highly recommend Irene. She is honest, straightforward and kind. Her innate healing touch and vast knowledge brings in the confidence that you are in the right hands.  Trust is Paramount. Working with Irene, and her incredible tool box has allowed deep, transformative and safe healing for myself. We must  integrate all three aspects of being human, the body, mind and soul and Irene is the perfect facilitator.  Irene  is a gift; she is  a coach, an advisor, a cheerleader and a confidante. It takes courage to heal and she helps you find it.  I am so grateful I met Irene, my kidneys are too!  I highly recommend her to assist you on your Journey of deep transformative healing." ~ M. K. 


Body Mind Therapy 

COST:  $120 

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