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Micro-Dosing Workshop for Women


1/2 day transformational container of becoming your golden Self through magic & nature. 


As the year moves closer to the end, I find myself recapitulating my 2023. Taking stock of everything I have created, my wins, my failures, all the challenges, all the lessons & all the blessings.

And as I look back, I see every women I have been able to support in my 1-1 healing sessions & as well as in the groups. I look back and I feel so much gratitude for being able to hold space for the deep process of healing & transformation. I am grateful to God/Goddess, to my teachers, to the teachings, to the path that I am on, that allows me to have this incredible life filled with purpose.


My purpose: to walk the beauty way & shine more light into this world.

I am feeling the call to gather my community of women in sacred circle & ceremony to support the expansion of light through a powerful & transformational ½ day workshop. 

This workshop is for those who want to come together in community & go through a micro dosing experience in a safe & healing container. 

I would love for us to come together in sacred space to support each other in the closing of this year with intentional practices so that we can come more into alignment with our True Nature and in this way walk forward into the new year with our hearts open filled with clear intention & embodied purpose. 



  • You feel stuck in your creations, jobs, relationships.


  • You feel you are getting in your own way of stepping into your full power & abundance.


  • You feel you don’t know how to harness the power of your resources.


  • You are ready to unleash your magic into the world & don’t know how to start.


  • You are ready to embody your purpose & don’t know how to access this inner knowing.


  • You are a women creatives that would like to upgrade your creative juices.


  • You are an entrepreneur that wants to step into your  flow state as you leave behind the hustle.


  • Breakthrough creative blocks through holistic practices as you embody your authentic self!


  • Break feee from limiting beliefs & programming of society, family, teachers & culture!

  • Remember your true power as a creatrix in this world & shine your radiance unapologetically! 


  • Rewrite your personal story & realize your divine destiny in abundance & joy!

  • All while being supported & guided through the spirit plant of the mushroom & sacred sisterhood.



  • Spirit Plant Medicine (micro-dosing experience).

  • Cacao + Sound Healing Ceremony.​

  • Conscious Embodiment Practices

  • Intention & Integration Practices​

  • Safe & Healing Container

  • Small Group (10 women max).



5 Holistic Healing Audio Meditations


"Irene Sanchez is an intuitive, compassionate and insightful doctor who uses various modalities that compliment each other so beautifully. She is honest, straightforward and kind. Her innate healing touch and vast knowledge brings in the confidence that you are in the right hands. Trust is paramount. Working with Irene, and her incredible tool box has allowed  deep, transformative and safe healing for myself.



Bandana headshot.jpg


I help women like you to reconnect with their feminine energy, rebalance their hormones, flow with their emotions, tap into their inner powers of healing & embody their authentic self!


When I started my healing journey two decades ago, I was studying western medicine in Mexico. I finished my medical training feeling exhausted, depressed & my hormones where out of balance affecting my capacity for joy.

My spirit felt broken by a system filled with unhealthy competition, suppression of the feminine and a lifestyle based on profit vs community & wellness. It was then that I decided I needed to change paths.

Fast forward 20 yrs later, I now have the tools to help myself & others reconnect with their feminine energy & power, unpack unconscious programming, find their inner powers of transformation.

It is my joy &. passion to create sacred spaces for women to dive deep within themselves & reconnect with their magical Selves!

"Irene is a unicorn you didn’t know you needed in your life! She creates a safe space for you to heal, I never thought I would talk to my womb to prepare to let it go, punch a pillow to work through my anger or visualize the earth filling me up with golden light to replenish my soul."




The roots of the practice are found in Nature and Silence.
Strong roots and emotional balance are necessary for spiritual growth and to tap into our true nature.
Cristina has been in love with Sacred plants and their expansive nature and healing powers ever since she can remember.

She believes Sound is a powerful medicine that harmonizes and heals the body.
She is unconditionally committed to respect and honor the elements and the principles of the Indigenous wisdom of our Planet.

Every breath is a prayer and an offering, accompanied by a heartfelt intention.

Cristina is a student and practitioner of Hatha Yoga and the expansion of Consciousness.
Humbleness and Service are the light that guides the Soul

Instagram:  @crsimangino



INCLUDES: Everything from regular program +

  • 3 Magical 1-1 Healing Sessions w Irene. - This is for those of you that want to go deeper into your process of unravelling your zone of genius & embodying your magnificent Self. For those that desire unconditional support & a loving container to dive into your inner depths & reclaim your magic. In these sessions I use a variety of magical therapy tools including active imagination, psycho drama, gestalt therapy, eidetic images, shamanic journeying, archetypes, transpersonal psychology & more.


  • Direct Access to me via Telegram for 1-1 coaching during the 6 weeks. We are in constant communication with source. The universe is listening, and the moment we communicate our doubts, questions, concerns, in that moment the answer is already being delivered. So instead of waiting until you see me In person, this will be the space of magical alchemy in the moment. Waiting is suffering, we need to take action to create our dreams. I love to offer this space of co creation where we get to witness & celebrate your evolution.




Cash, E-Transfers & Credit Cards Accepted. 

"Irene has changed my life; helping me dive deep into myself to find the healing that lies within each of us. I call her magic to everyone when I talk about her, because she truly is. She has done more for me and my healing journey in just a few months than years of conventional talk therapy"



WE START June 15th!

I want this immersion to be a very intimate & potent journey, at the moment I’m being called to work with the energy of the 8 pointed STAR archetype.


I am only taking 8 women for this summer cohort.

Join this sacred circle of magical women.


Book a connection now!


"I am inspired by who you are and the work you do in this world. I see you as deeply connected and in tune with the inner and outer space - regularly engaged developing and enriching these connections. This is a mirror of my journey - though our paths are each unique and have their own specifics - I am inspired because I see you living authentically, embracing the fulness of your humanity and caring for the world as you do so. You are a model and an inspiration to me! "



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