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Chi Kung is the practice of managing & cultivating our life force in order to be healthy, happy and to evolve.  Chi Kung is an ancient practice that was developed mainly in China.  The main goals of Chi kung is the cultivation of health & longevity, prevention of disease, development of personal power & support of spiritual practices for enlightenment and liberation.  I offer Chi Kung as a complementary healing modality to my Traditional Chinese Medicine  & Acupuncture treatments.  I believe that Chi Kung can improve the success of treatments big time!  I have seen excellent results in patients that are open and willing to have a regular personal practice.  A consistent practice of Chi Kung will allow the effects of an acupuncture treatment to last longer, and in its self, it can help patients achieve the results they are striving for.  Depending on their unique needs and conditions, I will suggest certain chi kung practices that might involve physical movements, breathing techniques, visualizations and meditations.  For more info about Chi Kung please visit FAQ.

"Loving divine synchronicity and, through it, loving ourselves and others, this is the goal of energy management."

– Carlos de León

"I was very fortunate to have practiced 7Lotus Chi Kung under Irene’s instruction, her happy chi led our sessions into a powerful and pleasant energy. Her dedication to her practice radiates through her by creating a confident and fun environment wherein her students are easily able to tap into their life energies and shine bright. I felt well attended to, inspired and nurtured over the past year of receiving acupuncture treatments and practicing chi kung with Irene, she is creative and inspiring and seems to radiate goodness that becomes contagious."  ~ Petra Hansman

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