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Body Mind Therapy: Embracing the Connection

While many medical professionals are just beginning to research the connection between the mind and body, traditional medicine experts have understood the importance of this connection for years. The processes of the mind greatly affect the body. When we learn to control our minds, work through past trauma, and resolve past issues, we open up new possibilities for bodily health. Body mind therapy embraces this connection and uses it to your advantage.



Body mind therapy is helpful for many issues, including resolving trauma, finding the root of chronic illness and empowering your body to heal, supporting big transitions in your life (such as giving birth, getting married, other relationship changes, moving, etc.), depression and anxiety issues, gaining clarity, getting insight and help with healing addiction, and more. If you're not sure whether body mind therapy is a good fit for your needs, I invite you to reach out to discuss whether what I do could be helpful for you.



I offer several types of therapies in my spiritual counselling practice, including dream work, visualizations, meditations, ceremonies/ rituals, and more. When you decide to start spiritual counselling, we'll work together to understand what type of body mind therapy makes the most sense for your personal needs. From time to time, we'll check in to ensure that the work we're doing together is continuing to help you make progress toward your goals.

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