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Pregnant? Congratulations, Mama! How A Birth Doula Vancouver Can Help

If you're getting ready to add a little one to the family, congratulations! While pregnancy and giving birth are hard, this is an incredibly exciting time in your life. As a birth doula Squamish, I'm here to help you through the birthing process in whatever way makes sense for you and your family.



I believe that giving birth is an empowering, exciting experience, and I believe that you should have all the education you need to make informed choices about the birth process. It's your right to choose whether or not you use medications or interventions, and you deserve emotional support through every step of the birthing process.



As a birth doula Vancouver, I'll be there for you throughout your child's birth, providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support every step of the way. Many women find that the emotional support of a doula enables them to have the birth experience they envisioned. Working with a doula lessens the chance of medical interventions and increases the chance of a positive birth experience.



Your body is capable of having a strong, positive birth experience, and I'm here to help you make your idea childbirth a reality. I'd love to talk with you to understand how you envision your birth experience and give you the tools you need to make it a reality. Pregnancy and birth are not a condition or an illness. Having a child is a beautiful, natural part of life, and the experience should be empowering to you. Let's work together to ensure a happy, healthy experience for you and your child.

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