I feel very fortunate and honoured to be able to support women and their partners in becoming parents.  I love helping people get pregnant!  I know the fertility journey can be very stressful and emotional, that is why I believe Traditional Chinese Medicine & acupuncture to be a key element in the fertility process.  The goal of a fertility treatment from a Chinese medicine perspective is not about just getting pregnant, but it is also about staying pregnant, having a positive birth experience and having healthy baby.  Acupuncture can increase fertility by reducing stress, increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs and balancing the endocrine system.  When used in conjunction with Western fertility treatments, acupuncture increases conception rates by 26%. A recent study from Tel Aviv University reports, “When combining IUI with TCM treatments, 65.5% of the test group were able to conceive, compared with 39.4% of the control group, who received no herbal or acupuncture therapy.” 

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