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“Nature is one of our most influential teachers. It teaches us simplicity, flow, how to work in co-creation and a bridge to embody ourselves. It is a connection point to ourselves and others.”



5 day soul nourishing retreat on Gambier Island

Come & immerse yourself in nature to nurture your body, mind, heart, soul. Be guided by loving earth medicine women to help you reconnect with your inner resources, your inner wisdom & get filled up by the connection of other women in a sacred space. When out of coherence, hence we feel disconnected from our purpose, from our joy & from Spirit.   


There is a part of us that has the knowledge. The deep knowingness on how to replenish, how to reconnect, how to tap into our intuition, magic & purpose. It takes time & practice to go within, and sometimes we need to take ourself out of our normal environment to reconnect with our inner wisdom. Time spend in Nature, receiving the teachings and healing of ancient wisdom can be very powerful and nurturing; a path towards resourcing.


By reconnecting with nature we reconnect with ourselves. By recognizing the abundant energy of the earth, we recognize our own inner abundance.

This retreat is for you if:

  • You are feeling burned out and are craving nature time to replenish. 

  • You are a seeker of the sacred. 

  • You believe in the healing powers of nature. 

  • You are seeking to connect with other like minded women. 

  • You want to disconnect to connect! 



Whispering Creek Retreat, Gambier Island B.C.

Located a 30 minute water taxi from Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver. This space offers fabulous views of the Howe Sound and the Salish Sea that are surrounded by the Coast Mountain Range. Wildlife is abundant in the sound with seals, orcas, humpback whales, otters; and numerous marine birds and eagles perched in trees and soaring overhead.


The perfect outdoor gateway to replenish and nurture yourself.

Accommodations are offered in beautifully decorated yurts and canvas tents. There is a communal outdoor kitchen and dining area with fireplace, wood fired cedar hot tub, cold plunge bath tub, and expansive forests and lush spaces.  

Yurts shared Accommodation- $2500 on sale till May 15th Regular $2700

Private Tents Accomodation- $2750 on sale till May 15th Regular $2950

“Absolutely stunning. Perfectly tranquil. Barefoot the whole weekend, surrounded by incredible women, beautiful food and laughter! I didn’t have any expectations and it was all an incredible experience. I learned a lot. “ Anonymous / previous participant.

Costs Include the Following:

•   5 nights wilderness tent and yurt accommodation

•    Earth Medicine Rituals

•    Guided meditation

•    Hatha & Embodiment Yoga

•   Chi Kung Practice

•   Cacao /Sound Healing/ Dance as medicine ceremony

•    Access to retreat facilities including wood fired hot tub and cold plunge, outdoor shower facility, fire lounge, green spaces, adjacent hiking trails.

•    Shuttle between Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver and West Bay Dock, Gambier Island.

•    3 daily nutritious meals prepared with ingredients from the property's garden by a certified Raw Food Chef. * Included meals starts with lunch on day 1 through lunch on day 5.

Additional add-ons:

  • Acupuncture/ holistic healing therapy ($60/hour)

  • Astrology/ Birth Chart Reading (30min/ $30)

  • Astrology/ Acupuncture ( 90min $90)

  • Sound Healing therapy ($60/hour)

  • Healing/ Cranio Sacral therapy ($60/hour)

  • Paddleboard and Safety Equipment. *Onsite Rentals available.

Meet The Team

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